Replacement suction plates for Schmalz, Homag, SCM-Morbidelli and Biesse/Rover vacuum blocks.

Welcome to VacuSystem!

Here you will find our production range intended for export – alternatives for typical Schmalz VCSP-O suction plates, but also solutions for suction plates, that are exclusively distributed via the Homag / Ima sales network.

We also offer seals for most of the vacuum clamping systems used in SCM Morbidelli and Biesse CNC machining centers.

Our substitute replacement top suction plates confirmed their quality as high quality products worldwide.
The gums “works” from South America, across Europe and the Middle East, to Far East.

Grab the opportunity and save your money without compromise!

Choose the right suction plates for your needs:

Replacement top suction plate Homag Weeke Ima

Replacement Suction-Plates for HOMAG/IMA Vacuum Blocks with bottom 160×115 mm

Substitutes of replacement top Suction-Plates for Homag / Ima vacuum blocks
with bottom 160 × 115 mm.

Replacement seals are supplied to the CNC machining centers of the german manufacturers Homag and Ima (Lignum).

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Substitute of top suction plates Schmalz

Replacement Suction-Plates for SCHMALZ Vacuum Blocks with bottom 140×115 mm

Substitutes of replacement top Suction-Plates for Schmalz vacuum blocks with bottom 140 × 115 mm.

Replacement seals are supplied to the CNC machining centers of following manufacturers:

  • Homag / Weeke,
  • Ima
  • Masterwood
  • Felder (Format-4)
  • HolzHer
  • Reichenbacher
  • SCM / Morbidelli
  • Busellato

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Górne gumy zamienniki SCM Morbidelli

Replacement Suction-Plates SCM Morbidelli

We offer a wide range of suction plates and sealing frames for the following vacuum clamping systems that have been manufactured by SCM and Morbidelli for years:

  • old models from Morbidelli and SCM Tech
  • TVN console tables
  • Flex / Flexmatic console tables
  • K-2 vacuum console tables

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Sealing profile cord for older ATS EPS CTS Biesse suction pods blocks 8x8

Replacement seals for Biesse vacuum blocks

Our alternative offer for old and new solutions for vacuum sealing at Biesse Rover CNC machining centers.

You can find friction rubbers for PTP machines, as well as sealing frames and sealing profiles for CTS, ATS and EPS vacuum clamping systems from Biesse.

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