Filter sieve Ø15 for Schmalz console table (25 pcs.‑Pack)

258,00  (brutto: 317,34 )

  • for Schmalz / Homag console tables
  • Table type – vacuum console table
  • Vacuum system – 1-circuit, 2-circuit
  • Original Schmalz spare part

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Product designation of the Ø15 mm filter sieve for Schmalz consoles

Filter sieve for installation in Schmalz vacuum consoles (beams).

These vacuum console tables are used in machining centers of many manufacturers such as Homag, Weeke, Ima, Masterwood, Felder, HolzHer, Busellato, Morbidelli and many others.

The task of the sieves is to protect the vacuum circuits, integrated in the consoles, from the ingress of dust and dirt.

Every time the sieve is damaged, it should be replaced with a new one immediately.
Replacing the sieve is also necessary when replacing the passive solenoid valves integrated in the consoles.

Construction of a Ø 15 mm filter sieve for Schmalz beams

The sieve consists of two layers of stainless steel nonwovens with a filtration of 0.1 mm and 0.07 mm.
Nonwovens clamped in a brass ring.
The filter sieve is an original Schmalz product.

Schmalz spare part number:
Brand name Schmalz: SIEB 15 × 0.8 MS A2 0.103 / 0.07

Homag spare part number: 4-016-09-0033
Factory name Homag: SIEB CUZN40PB2 DU = 15.05MM

Correct installation of the filter sieves Ø 15 mm on Schmalz consoles:

To properly install the sieve, place it with the wider brass ring side up.
The sieve is pressed into the beam (hammer in lightly) to press only the brass ring, e.g. B. with a tube.

The package contains 25 sieves.

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Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 10 × 10 × 10 cm
Item code or 4-016-09-0033 (Homag)

Outside dimensions

15 x 0,8 mm


Brass / Steel

CNC machining centers

Homag, Weeke, Ima, Masterwood, Felder, HolzHer, Busellato, SCM, Morbidelli, Reichenbacher, Morbidelli




CAD files

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