Rubber sealing frame for SCM / Morbidelli 180 x 65 mm

51,90 519,00 

  • High-quality replacement
  • for SCM Accord and Author
  • for Morbidelli Author and Planet
  • Type of table – TVN, Flex, FlexMatic
  • Vacuum system – 1-circuit (SCM)
  • Color – grey-blue
  • Item number of the original SCM gasket – 0390320651E

Our replacement seal fits for vacuum blocks with the following item numbers:

  • SCM Accord – Flex/FlexMatic (since ca. 2011 r.)
  • SCM Record – TVN ( ca. 2000 -2011)
  • Morbidelli Author – Flex/FlexMatic (since ca. 2011)
  • Morbidelli Planet – TVN, Flex/FlexMatic (since ca. 2000)

The package contains – 10 pcs.



Rubber sealing frame for CNC with dimensions 180×65 mm – pack of 10, used in SCM and Morbidelli machining centers.
Item number of the original SCM seal – 0390320651E

The replacement fits, among others for suction cups with catalog numbers:

  • 2991320428A
  • 2990420245A

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Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg

1 piece, 10 pieces

Item code


Outside dimensions

179×64 mm



CNC machining centers




CAD files

Link to CAD file – not available for this product.

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